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Within the discipline of Civil Engineering our primary areas of focus include:

Land Surveying and Land Planning Services

land surveyersLand Planning is essentially the first step in any land development process – often times performed before any formal surveying has been performed. We work collaboratively with developers during this process. As part of this process we will act as the experts on local ordinances, regulations and restrictions and will help optimize the efficiency and usage of the given property.

Within the scope of land surveying services, Outback Engineering will determine property boundaries, prepare maps and plans and survey plots for conformance to plan.


Permitting, Construction Services, Construction Stakeout and As-built Services

soils laboratoryOur Construction Services including Permitting, Construction Stakeout and As-builts are a natural progression from the Land Planning and Land Surveying Process. Our professional staff will manage all permitting from start to finish of the project. Our Construction Stakeout services include but are not limited to Project Clearing Stakeout, Building Layout, Utility Layout, Curb Layout, Roadway Stakeout and Utility Stakeout while our Lot Services include Clearing Limits, House/Building Layouts and Cutsheets, Septic Layout, Well Layout and Driveway Layouts and Grading.

Low Impact Development, DEP Stormwater Management, Drainage Design, Groundwater Mounding Services

rainwater runoff expertsAll the technical aspects of managing stormwater runoff and the associated concerns of a developments impact on hydrology are key services offered by Outback Engineering. Our expertise in the areas of Low Impact Development, regulations and requirements of DEP Stormwater Management, Drainage System Design and Goundwater Mounding Simulations provide our clients assurance that their project will be properly designed and acceptable to all agencies involved.

Wetland Science and Wetland Delineation Services

Outback Engineering’s Professional Wetland Scientists are experts in conducting wetland delineation and wetland permitting. Understanding local and state regulatory processes are key to the successful completion of any project where there is any encroachment on wetland. Outback Engineering is your professional resource for identifying and delineating wetlands including bordering vegetated wetlands, perennial and intermittent stream, isolated wetlands and identification of floodplains. We will act on your behalf in all aspects of conservation filings.

wetlands scientistsSeptic System Design, Soil Testing and Title 5 Services

Outback Engineering has designed and permitted hundreds of Title V Septic Systems throughout Massachusetts for every application from single family septic repairs to innovative/alternative technology systems as well as high flow multi-family shared and commercial designs. Using our own soils laboratory we are able to provide turnkey analysis and plans.

septic system designTitle V is a set of specific requirements in Massachusetts that regulate the use and design of a septic system. Each municipality may also establish supplemental regulations that are more strict than the states. The services associated with Septic System Design and Title V offered by Outback Engineering include:

Perc Testing: A test that measures the rate at which water is dissipated that correlates to the soils permeability. This determines the size requirement of the leaching field. In the instances where PERC testing cannot be performed and Sieve Analysis can be, we provide that service as well.

Soil Evaluation: This is a specific procedure required by the DEP to be used in conjunction with the PERC test to help determine the suitability of the septic systems location.

Groundwater Analysis: Done during the Soil Evaluation, this key analysis determines the elevation of your septic system.

System Design: Engineering plans with all necessary components and elements of the septic system. This will show location, elevation and reference to other key components of the layout such as the house, driveway, fences etc …

As Builts: We will inspect the system for conformance to the design. This will be a certified document that will be sent to you and the Board of Health.

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